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Double In has been republished...

Double In (MFM)
Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 45,218

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Available at Siren-BookStrand

When Porter and Reid Bishop step into Bull’s-Eye Billiards, Marsha Spencer knows trouble has found her with a capital T—squared. They were close friends once. Then, they turned on her. It’s been a year since their betrayal, but time hasn’t dulled the pain. By all rights, she should hate them. So why does the sight of them still send her into do-me overload?
Porter and Reid are determined to make amends with Marsha. They’ve given her time to stew. Now it’s time to make their move…with a few added changes. They don’t want things the friendly way they were before. They want Marsha’s sultry body sandwiched between them and her heart in their hands. Marsha always secretly lusted after Porter and Reid. But can she forgive and forget and embrace them both? It sure beats having to choose between them.
But when the wrath of nature uncovers secrets from the past, all their lives change in an instant.

Adult Excerpt:

Anticipation brought her to her tiptoes as he rested his forehead on her belly, his breath fanning her panties, heating the satin to a torturous state. His fingers climbed the inside of her legs, painting a path of sizzling need that raced straight to her pussy. Juices seeped from between her feminine lips, drenching the thin cotton strip between her legs.
“Fuck, you smell delicious,” Porter growled. He caught the triangle of material covering her pussy with a finger and pushed it aside. The sound he made put her in mind of a caged animal fighting for release. “Your pussy lips are bare. Damn, you don’t know how that turns me on. I can see your juices glistening on your lips. You’re soaked, darlin’.”
She was. Her arousal collected in a thick, slick stream between her folds. What would it take to get him to dive a finger into that wetness, to push a digit inside her and take the edge off the rapidly mounting pressure in her channel?
Finger me. Better yet, feast on me, damn it! The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she swallowed them as she locked gazes with Reid. He must have read the question in her eyes, the plea and turmoil, the demands she wanted to scream at Porter. He cupped her cheek and the expression on his face softened.
“You gave yourself to us, remember.” Despite his tender touch, his tone held a hint of amusement as if he were enjoying her torment.
Oh, she remembered all right, and she had no intentions of being an Indian giver. What she wanted was to increase the speed. She wanted Porter to let his animal out of its cage. She wanted Reid to get naked so she could feel his hard body skin-to-skin. She wanted to take, to explore their bodies as they were doing hers. Holy God of Hormones, she couldn’t handle much more of this.
“We finally got you where we want you.” Porter swiped the tip of his tongue down the crease between her pussy and inner thigh and quickly withdrew. “No way are we bringing an end to it any time soon.”
Did the man intend to send her on a direct trip to the nuthouse before he gifted her with the pleasure her body screamed for? Oh, paybacks were going to be so very sweet when she got her hands on him.
Her mouth watered. She’d never experienced such a strong desire to suck a cock in her life. Reid’s stiff cock pressed into her back, a throbbing presence that only drove her torment higher. Though ways to turn the table on Porter were already forming in her head, she would equally enjoy sucking Reid’s cock down her throat. She wanted Porter’s mouth on her pussy and her lips around Reid’s cock now. Right freaking now!
Reid’s hand moved lightly to the base of her throat as his other hand slipped beneath her breast and lifted it. He raked his thumb over her pebbled nipple and she let her head fall back on his chest. Her mind focused on the touch, on Porter’s mouth that started to deliver one maddening lick after another to the outer edges of her pussy.
“Please.” She couldn’t hold it back any longer. She would beg them if she had to. Forget dignity. It was way overrated anyway.
Reid smothered a smile against Marsha’s shoulder, knowing that softly whimpered plea was exactly what Porter had been waiting to hear. She had given them the green light, told them she wanted them too. But Porter had still been holding back, taking it slow. He wouldn’t hold back anymore.
He knew when Porter finally landed a kiss where Marsha wanted it most. She went completely limp in his arms. Her head still turned toward his, he watched as she closed her eyes and her lips formed a small but sexy as hell oh of pleasure.
He swallowed, nuzzled his chin at the bend of her neck, and gazed down the front of her body. The neon glow from the Jack Daniels light bathed her flesh in white and yellow, giving her an even more angelic look. The woman’s body was a piece of work naked, perfect curves, delicious swells, and wonderful angles to tempt and tease a man to the point of sheer frustration. He should know. He was nearly there himself, wanting to feel every part of her, to run his tongue along every sun-kissed inch of her flesh.
His cock ached, his shaft so hard it was a wonder he didn’t impale her through her back. And when she started to gyrate against him in obvious time with the thrusts of Porter’s tongue between her pussy lips, he barely swallowed the growl that rumbled in his throat.
One of her hands was now locked around his nape, her nails digging into his flesh. He welcomed the slight bite of pain, wanted it to prevent his mind from centering on his own desires, on his own driving need to be inside her shapely body. He focused on that sting even as he added to her pleasure and his torment by rolling her beaded nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
She moaned, her head lolling from side to side on his chest, and her free hand went straight for Porter’s head. That wouldn’t do. Porter might have let her get away with taking over his kiss earlier, with whipping him around the way she’d done, but Reid knew his brother had assumed full control now. He’d allowed her all the liberties he would give her.
“Put your arm around my neck, Marsha.” Her hand on his nape slid more securely around his neck, but her free hand continued on its path to Porter’s head. “Both of them.”
Her fingers touched the tips of Porter’s head and she froze. Reid felt a breath shudder out of her, heard a quiet protesting moan, and realized, though Porter didn’t pull away, he had stopped whatever he was doing to Marsha’s pussy.
“If you want him to continue, put both of your arms around my neck.”

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Captured in Pleasure is out!

Captured in Pleasure Rescue Ranch: The Next Generation 2
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[Siren Ménage Everlasting:: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]
When Joan Hutton hands over vital, terrorist information to the FBI, she is thrust into the witness protection program. They change her name to Erika Channing and send her to live on Rescue Ranch in Pleasure, TN under the watchful eyes of a couple of seriously hot cowboys. The last thing she wants is a man, let alone two, but Lyle Walker and Riker Miles are determined to change her mind. Former Army Rangers Lyle and Riker had all but given up on finding the perfect woman to share until Erika came to town. Now they’re hooked, falling fast, and making it their mission to capture Erika with all the pleasure they can give her. But, when her secret gets out and her past comes after her, it will take their skills as ETDF agents to protect the woman they love.
Story Excerpt:
“We will get the leader and your boyfriend.” Adam Cooper’s tone made his words more fact than statement.
“Please don’t call him that.”
Howard may have been her boyfriend, but the mere mention of his name now made her skin crawl.
“My apologies, but we will get them.”
“And, until you do? I’m not going to be safe anywhere am I?”
She’d known the instant she’d gone to the FBI with the information she’d gathered in Howard’s house and overheard on the phone when he’d thought she’d been sleeping that he would know it was her who had turned him into the feds. She’d known he would come after her. It was the reason she hadn’t given the FBI one morsel of the information until she’d gotten Adam to agree to put her in a safe place. That was how she’d ended up here, in this hotel room without any contact with the outside world beyond the FBI for more than a week.
“I’m prepared to offer you protection for as long as it is necessary. I have a U.S. Marshal who is ready to take you into the witness protection program. As distasteful as it is for me to say, the fact that you don’t have any family will help.”
She didn’t. Her father had died of cancer over a decade ago, and her mother had been killed in a car accident barely three years later. She had friends, though, and a career she’d worked so hard to build.
“You will be relocated, given a new identity, and set up to make a fresh start with your life if you’re willing.”
Joan’s head spun. He was offering to send her into hiding, but in a way that she could do so and still be a part of the outside world. The thought of leaving everything behind made a lump form in her throat, but she didn’t doubt, if she stayed, she wouldn’t be alive much longer once the FBI stopped protecting her.
Her vision blurred as images of her coworkers at the accounting firm flashed through her mind, as she heard Angela’s laughter in her head, and as she mentally cataloged everything else she would miss, potentially for the rest of her life.
“Did the U.S. Marshal tell you what my new name will be?”
Adam pulled his cell phone from the front pocket of his slacks, slid his thumb over the screen, and met her gaze. “Erika Channing.”
“That’s not so bad.” She actually liked it better than Joan. “And where will I be taken?”
“You will be relocated to a ranch on the outskirts of a small town called Pleasure, Tennessee.”
Joan blinked at him. “A ranch?”
Adam’s lips twitched. “They call it Rescue Ranch. It has a long history, but the important part is there are men living on that ranch who are operatives with the ETDF, an elite terrorist defense group that works independently of government protocol to fight terrorism in ways sanctioned agencies such as the FBI can’t. You will be fully protected at all times on that ranch.”
In other words, she would be under twenty-four-hour guard. She didn’t know how to feel about that but supposed it didn’t matter. She didn’t have a choice.
“Marshal Gatewood will give you the specific details when he arrives.” Adam checked his wristwatch. “I’m expecting him any minute. He’ll have a file for you to study, things for you to remember about your new identity that will answer any questions you might get about your past. Joan will no longer exist. You’ll need to memorize everything about Erika Channing to the point that you truly become her. You’ll be provided with room and board at the ranch, a car for you to get around, a new wardrobe to help you blend in.”
Joan glanced down at the pale blue cashmere blouse she was wearing tucked into a pair of black slacks. “Let me guess, plaid button-down shirts, worn blue jeans, and cowgirl boots.”
Adam nodded. “Mostly likely, yes. You’ll need to change your hair color, too.”
Joan sighed at that. It would be an easy fix, but one she really didn’t want to do. She was a natural brunette, but she’d been dying it blonde since she was fifteen. She and Angela had gone through many debates about her hair, Angela always insisting she should let the color go natural, while she always insisted she looked far better as a blonde.
“I don’t have any family to worry about, but what about my coworkers, my friends? How do you know Howard or any of the other members of the cell you didn’t get won’t go after one of them to get to me?”
“We don’t, but I believe it’s a slim chance, especially since you haven’t been seen with any of them for more than a week already. That’s why you can’t contact anyone. I’ve sent agents into Howard’s home for some of your things—clothes, shoes, makeup, et cetera—to make it look like you packed in a rush.”
“To make it look like I’m on the run.”
“It would’ve been better if we could’ve staged your death, but this will have to work. They will come looking for you, but they won’t find you. You will be safe on Rescue Ranch.”
Joan startled when a knock sounded at the door. Her heart skipped a beat as Adam opened the door and invited a tall man dressed in a dark suit and tie into the room. U.S. Marshal Clive Gatewood, presumably. This was it. It was time to say goodbye to Joan Hutton and hello to Erika Channing, possibly for the rest of her life.

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The Heroes of Silver Island are back!

Safe and Assigned to Ecstasy (MFM)

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[Siren Ménage Everlasting:: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

At her best friend’s urging, Jennifer Moss takes a vacation to ménage-inhabited Silver Island. She’s not looking for a man, let alone two, but the instant attraction she feels for Alec is off the charts. When Adam shows up, all her old desires resurface for him, too.

Battling amnesia, retired FBI Agent Alec McIntyre knows he shouldn’t get involved with Jennifer, but the smart, sexy, and beautiful woman gives him an escape from the dark thoughts and empty spots he can’t remember. But an enemy from his past is determined to see that doesn’t last long.

Two years ago, Jennifer awakened a desire in FBI team leader Adam Cooper he can’t control. He’s kept his distance, but that option is about to be taken away. A ruthless kingpin has targeted Alec, Jennifer is vacationing on Silver Island, and Adam is about to find himself smack in the middle of an assignment that will change all of their lives.


“Abbreviations don’t usually count for words in Scrabble.”
“I’m not taking score here, but you might want to. I’ll give you another one. I’ll put an ‘s’ after the ‘i’ this time. IS.”
IS—Investigative Specialist. According to the information Alec had uncovered on FBI special agent Cameron Stone, the man was considered to be one of the best investigative specialists in the bureau.
Stone’s gaze slid sideways to Malis who had shifted slightly, the semiautomatic still in his hand now aimed directly at Stone’s head. Alec hadn’t revealed the information he’d discovered to his men. He hadn’t seen the need. They would follow his orders without question or explanation when the time came.
“At least you spelled a word,” Stone said, turning his attention back to Alec. “I would think with all the tiles you’ve got you could come up with something better.”
“I take it that one isn’t good enough for you. Then how about I play off of the other ‘i’? Do you like FBI better?”
Nothing. No jolt, no blink, not even a slight change to Stone’s facial expression. The agent was good. Alec would give him that. If the fucker hadn’t been a Fed, Alec might would have even considered recruiting him for the cartel. He could’ve used a man so experienced in keeping his inner emotions in check.
“At least it’s an accepted acronym in the rule book.”
“Perhaps in Scrabble, but not in my rule book or that of my business, Agent Stone.” The man still didn’t flinch, but something finally flickered through his eyes. His cover had been blown. He knew that now and had to be wondering how. “I’ll answer your question for you since you can’t seem to find your tongue again. There were cameras in the dining room of the restaurant last night. The name you gave me, Curt Sawyer, he would have been a man I would have liked to have as a partner. But the face that came with that name didn’t check out so well.”
“So what now?”
What now indeed. “Today is your lucky day.”
“How so?”
Alec flicked a pointed look toward Malis. “I’m not going to give my man over there the signal to pump you full of holes.”
“Why not?” Stone’s voice remained conversational as if they were talking about the color of the paint on the cottage’s walls rather than the impending end to his life.
“It would be stupid of me don’t you think? At least before I find out everything you know, everything you’ve shared with your buddies at the bureau.”
That wouldn’t happen here, on this yacht. It was too risky. Sticking around longer than necessary at the marina was too risky.
“You should know an agent never reveals his information or his sources.”
Alec felt his lips unfold in a grin that he felt confident likely chilled Stone’s blood to his toes. “Oh, you will before I’m through with you.”
Stone wouldn’t easily give up the information. A man like him would be trained to deal with the hardships of capture, taught to survive fear, and coached on how to keep it together in the face of extreme torture. Alec would wait until they set sea back to Cambodia, back to the compound on the cartel’s home turf to begin and see just how well trained FBI special agent Cameron Stone was after all.
“I’ve got a word for you,” Stone told him calmly. “I’ll play off the ‘t.’ McIntyre.”
Alec dropped his gaze to the glass in his hands, spun it in slow circles, and watched the brown liquid splash against the side. Could he have been wrong about Stone all along? Was the agent really cracking already?
“Would that be a source? Are you giving in so easily?”
“That would be the name of a fellow agent, one who is currently listed with the bureau as MIA.”
“What would I want with that information? If he’s missing, he’s no asset to me.”
“That access to the facial recognition program you’ve got. Have you ever bothered to run it on yourself?”
Why in hell would he do that? He knew who he was. He was Alec Veansa, loyal only to Boran Roumduol, a man who had nurtured and pulled him back from certain death after Alec had been heinously tortured under the command of Veng Kim Phay. Phay was the one who was dead now, a satisfying result of a joint operation between the FBI, DEA, US Navy SEALs, and Thai and Cambodian officials nearly two years ago that had all but destroyed the cartel. All but destroyed it because Roumduol had stepped in, rebuilt the cartel, and was making it even larger and more powerful than before…with Alec’s help.
Except the one thing Stone couldn’t know, the one thing Alec had confided only to Roumduol was that he couldn’t remember a single thing of his life before the torture he’d endured. No matter how hard he tried to think back, the start of his memories began with pain. Unspeakable, horrible pain. He’d been certain he would die and had come to terms with it the few scant times he’d managed to think through the agony. He didn’t remember the things that had been done to him. He only remembered the darkness, the insanity in his head, and the suffering that wouldn’t end.
Until Roumduol had come for him.
“You should try it sometime. You might be surprised by the results.”
“What’s he talking about, boss?” Kesor took a single step closer to the sofa and stopped in his tracks when Alec shot him a cold, hard look.
“Damn if I know.” Stone was grasping at straws, but damn if Alec didn’t feel unnerved by the way the man was studying him now.
Stone turned to his right, the movement causing both of Alec’s men to jerk their weapons in warning, and placed his glass on the table at the end of the sofa. He nodded slowly as he turned his attention back to Alec. “Yes, I’m an agent with the FBI.” He paused and Alec saw the man’s muscles stiffen as if he were readying his body to strike. But it was his next words that delivered a blow harder than his fist could have. “And so are you.”