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Provoking Fire [Uniformed and Sizzling Hot 2]

In the wake of a deception that shocked Station 4’s C-shift, put everyone under a microscope, and left Engine Company 2 two firefighters short, Lieutenant Cameron Slovaks and firefighter Korlin Jenkins know they should treat their new coworkers like any of the guys. Except, one of them is a headstrong, whip-smart, irresistible sex-kitten and she has her sights set on them.

Julia Patrick’s life goal was to be a firefighter. Now, she’s fresh from the academy, assigned to Station 4’s C-shift, and convinced her dream is colliding with a nightmare. She may be new to the job, but she knows heat when she feels it. The spark between her, Cameron, and Jenk is strong enough to ignite one amazing fire. But can they be trusted or are they keeping a toxic secret? Determined to find out, she gets closer to them. Then her life is threatened, and she can’t help but wonder if they are who wants her dead.

Adult Excerpt:

It tasted as stupendous as the rest of him, hot and thick and long and fantastic. Her pussy convulsed, juices leaking from between the folds, and her clit throbbed. But that wasn’t where she would get his cock. Though Cameron was behind her now, after the way Jenk had played with her ass before, she was certain he would be the one to enter where she’d never allowed any man.
She would allow him. The sheer idea of it as she delved the tip of her tongue into the weeping slit of his cockhead before exploring his full length with her lips sent whips of need slashing across her anus. It didn’t terrify her, she realized, and she knew why. Jenk would go slow, he would be gentle, and he would make sure it felt good to her, all because he loved her.
“Jesus, Julia!” Jenk groaned. “Baby, you’re going to make me come if you keep that up.”
Julia swallowed a smile right along with another inch of his cock, knowing she better enjoy her feast while she could. Cameron proved her right barely a half second after the thought crossed her mind. He fisted his hand in the back of her hair, tugged her to her feet, and pulled her head back.
Then he was kissing her, obviously not caring that she’d just had Jenk’s cock in her mouth. He kissed her until every erogenous zone in her body flamed, until her pussy was dripping wet, and until she was almost positive the needs inside her were going to send her to an early grave.
“Come with me,” he told her, his voice rusty with his own arousal as he ended the kiss and released his hold on her hair. He stretched out in the center of the bed and held his arms out for her. “Ride me, Julia.”
She’d never made love to two men at the same time before, but even seeing Cameron’s amazingly ripped body and already sheathed cock waiting for her didn’t make her forgot about the sexy man she’d been pleasuring a moment ago. She looked at Jenk, cupped his nape, and pulled his mouth down to hers.
“I’ll see you shortly?”
He smiled against her lips. “Just as soon as I get the supplies I need.”
Oh, boy! The sparks he ignited inside her with those words actually made her shiver. He held her gaze for a meaningful moment, then eased from her embrace, and turned to pull open the nightstand drawer behind him.
Her system jittering with a wicked anticipation more intense than anything she’d ever experienced, she climbed onto the bed and went straight into Cameron’s arms. That’s when inspiration struck. She skimmed her hands down to his wrists as she settled her lower body over his lean hips and pinned his arms to the bed. Amusement danced in his eyes and a cocky grin quirked his lips. He could easily overpower her. She wasn’t a wimp by any means, but he was bigger and stronger and could flip her onto her back and assume control any time he wanted. Knowing that made the moment all the more special as she lowered her body to his, taking his fully erect, massive cock inside her pussy in a slow glide that had his grin disappearing as his lips formed a thin line of concentration.
“Holy hell, Julia!” he rasped and then sucked a breath through his teeth as she rocked her hips forward, grinding her clit on the base of his groin.
Julia lifted her hips until she nearly let his cock slip out of her and then lowered her body again, taking his full incredible length inside, and scraping her clit over the coarse hairs at the base of his groin once more.
Her name was a warning this time, ground through his gritted teeth. She felt the muscles in his wrists flex, but he didn’t push them against her hold.
“Baby, I’m trying to let you have your fun.”
She giggled, albeit breathlessly, and slowly repeated the move again, drawing out not only his torment, but also her own. Her body wanted her to go faster. Every cell inside her was begging for more. She could see by the intense concentration on his face that he meant what he’d said, that he wanted her to go faster, too, but there was no way this man would beg.
Or would he?
“What do you want, Cameron?”
Though he managed a half laugh, it was definitely strained. “Nice try, beautiful.”
She smiled down at him and continued to ride his cock in that same slow rhythm that was driving them both to the brink of insanity. “That wasn’t an answer.”
“Then, what do you want, Julia?”
Jenk’s voice behind her had her body stilling on Cameron’s cock and her belly nearly flip-flopping out of her navel. So much for her not forgetting about her other sexy man. She’d allowed the moment with Cameron to distract her, and Jenk had taken the opportunity to close in and turn her question around on her.
Forgetting herself, Julia sat up straight on Cameron’s cock, realizing the instant his large hands closed on her hips that she’d let go of his wrists. She narrowed her eyes at him. “Damn it.”
His cocky grin was back in full force. “That wasn’t an answer.”
“Ha-ha, funny man.” She turned to look at Jenk over her shoulder and felt her amusement go up in smoke. He was sitting with his legs straddling Cameron’s, a tube of lubrication in his hand, and his dick stretching long and hard to his abdomen. She swallowed hard, glanced at the lube, and met his gaze. “You. I want you, too, Jenk.”
There was nothing boyish in the grin that tilted his lips this time. Oh, no. That grin was full of so much heat it seared her straight to the core. “Bend over Cameron and let me prepare you, baby.”

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3 books, 1 low price!

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Get it while it's hot!

Fully Involved (MFM)

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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Skye Britt barely escaped a horrible marriage, only to discover she was pregnant. For seven years, she’s worked to get her life together and be the best single mother she can be. Trusting men isn’t easy, especially when it means letting them get close to her daughter Sunny. But Squad 14 firefighters Dustin Jasper and Bryson Niles are determined to break down her defenses and, soon, she finds herself wondering if she’s ready to give love a chance again.

Uniform bunnies can be fun, but Dustin and Bryson are looking for more than a one-night stand. They find it when they meet Skye, but they aren’t the only ones that have found her. When a demon from her past comes after her, it takes the skill and knowledge that earned them their uniforms to save Skye and her daughter from certain death and prove to Skye just how fully involved they want to be in her and Sunny’s lives. 

Adult Excerpt:

“Which room is yours?”
He’d already carried her out of the kitchen and was stepping into the hallway before his question registered in her sex-fogged brain.
“The last one at the end of the hall.”
He took a couple of steps, paused at the closed door to Sunny’s room, and looked down at her. “Should be check on her? Does she get up in the middle of the night?”
His concern for her daughter catching them tied a knot around her heart. She shook her head. “She shouldn’t as long as we’re quiet.”
Seemingly satisfied by her answer, he started walking again.
Skye lifted her head from where it had fallen to rest on the front of his shoulder, looked behind him, and saw Dustin following. Her heart drummed double-time at the sight of him, the realization of what she was about to do really sinking in. She was allowing two men into her bedroom, her sanctuary, the only private spot she called hers. Even Sunny wasn’t permitted to enter her bedroom after she’d been put to sleep unless there was an emergency. She had instilled that rule, wanting her daughter to grow up feeling a safety in her surroundings she, herself, had never felt.
Bryson stopped in the doorway of her bedroom. Dustin reached inside and flicked on the overhead light. That’s when reality really hit home.
Skye scanned the room, grateful that she’d picked up her dirty clothes that morning and put them in the clothesbasket. Nothing was out of place and the bed was neatly made.
Not for long.
The thought had her racing heart skipping a rapid beat even as juice leaked from between her feminine lips. Bryson started walking again and each long stride he took that brought him to the side of that bed made her pulse pound furiously and more juices escape her body.
He carefully lowered her to her feet in front of him, but his hands didn’t leave her. Instead, the closed on her hips, glided up to fist the hem of her blouse, and tugged it slowly up and over her head.
Dustin. Where was Dustin? She refused to forget about him again. He was there, closing the door quietly behind him before making his way to her and Bryson. He touched her, just the littlest brush of a fingertip to her bare shoulder as he walked around her. He stopped at her back, freed the clasp of her bra, and gently slid the straps down her shoulders and off her arms.
Naked from the waist up, her gaze locked with Bryson’s heavy-lidded eyes, the first dregs of uncertainty attempted to rear its ugly head. She wouldn’t allow it. She ruthlessly slammed the door of the green eyed monster’s cage, determined to allow herself this moment, this time, and worry about the consequences of her actions later.
“Will you think I’m a pig if I admit that I’ve been fantasizing about seeing you naked since the minute you stomped up to me at the park?”
Skye smiled despite the shiver that rushed through her as Dustin’s hands moved around to her front, found the button of her slacks, freed it, and went to work on the zipper. “It would be wrong of me if I did, because I’ve fantasized about the same thing with you,” she admitted. “Although the park and the upstairs deck at your place took turns for top spot after you introduced me to Dustin.”
It was true. Though she hadn’t wanted the visions to come, those were the things she’d been seeing nightly since she’d met the two of them. In those fantasies, she had been the one to come, over and over, with one or both of them inside her until they’d found their release, too. Then, the fantasies had started all over again.
“Christ, Skye,” Dustin whispered, his hands pausing in the act of lowering her slacks as he rested his forehead on the back of her shoulder.
Bryson was looking at her and the expression on his handsome face turned quite possibly more serious than she’d ever seen it. “You don’t know how much we needed to hear that.”
No, she didn’t. She didn’t even understand why they had needed to hear it. Deep down, she didn’t believe either of them had been hanging around simply to get her into bed. Still, why did it seem to matter so much to Dustin that she’d been dreaming of having sex with them?
“I don’t understand.”
“It’s okay,” Dustin told her as he lifted his head and resumed his act of tugging her slacks down her legs. “You don’t need to.”
“Don’t question it. Don’t question anything tonight.” Bryson’s hands floated up her body, turned when they reached her breasts, and palmed them. “Just let us make you feel alive tonight.”
The pad of his thumbs grazed over her taut nipples and whatever questions might have remained in her mind vanished. Lower, Dustin had pushed her slacks to her ankles, sent her panties to follow, and reached a hand between her legs to cover her bare pussy.
“Are we on the right track?”
“Yes.” Skye let her eyes close and her head fall back on his shoulder as one wide finger slipped between her sodden folds and pressed lightly over her clit.
“Are you sure?” Bryson’s hands moved to cover her breasts, squeezed, and drew a low moan from her throat.
Both men chuckled softly, but it was Dustin who spoke.
“Do you know what we want?”
Even as he asked the question, the pad of his finger began a pressured massage on her clit. With his finger doing that and Bryson’s hands manipulating her breasts, she couldn’t even fathom a guess. She didn’t bother to try. She settled on shaking her head.
“We want you to come for us, Skye,” Bryson told her as his thumbs and forefingers closed lightly on her nipples and gave them a gentle pinch.