Monday, September 15, 2014

It's release day for Designing Pleasure!

Designing Pleasure is now available at

Kiley Rivers fled Pleasure, Tennessee to become an interior designer in the city, but the country wasn’t the only thing she wanted to leave behind. Anthony and Rick Coronado left her heart in pieces after they rejected her the night before they joined the army. Despite the pain and embarrassment, she’s never gotten over them. Now she’s back in Pleasure to settle her grandmother’s estate. Hoping to slip in and out of town unnoticed, her tidy life gets turned upside down when she runs into the Coronado brothers again…and this time, they’re not willing to let her get away.
Anthony and Rick left part of their hearts with Kiley in Pleasure. They found their other love with the Army Rangers. When they return to Rescue Ranch on leave, they discover the amazingly beautiful sex kitten is back in town and they’re determined to have her again…even if it means doing something they swore they’d never do.
Adult Excerpt:
Anthony’s cock turned to stone as he stared into Kiley’s eyes. He hadn’t intended to make her call him Sir today. The fact that she did it on her own proved what he’d already suspected for years. She wanted to submit to him and Rick. She wanted to be dominated, to be pushed to her limits, and pleasured beyond her wildest imagination. He aimed to give her that and more…just as soon as he got his bearings back.
He met Rick’s gaze over her shoulder, saw the surprise mix with laughter in his brother’s eyes, and thought about decking him. Rick knew damn well she’d just thrown him for a loop with her obedient question. She’d obviously shocked Rick with her use of the word Sir, too, but he’d apparently recovered far quicker than Anthony.
Anthony followed his brother’s lead as Rick took a step away from her. Anthony pulled her arms from around his neck, guided them to her sides, and moved back.
“Take off your clothes.”
She exhaled a shaky breath at Rick’s command and, still holding Anthony’s gaze, pulled her blouse up and over her head.
Anthony let his attention roam freely over her body as she bared her flesh for them inch by gloriously tantalizing inch. He thought about licking his way down the slender column of her throat, dragging his tongue down the valley between her breasts, delving the tip in her belly button, and listening to her breathless laughter. His hands remembered the smoothness of her pouty pussy lips and he fisted them at his sides to keep from reaching for her. He would touch her soon, but not yet. He wanted to watch her do it first.
He saw the unease move through her eyes and watched her cheeks flush as she stood between him and Rick as naked as the day she’d been born. “Don’t be embarrassed, baby.” Because he still wouldn’t allow himself to touch her, he put enough gentleness in his tone to comfort her without a physical caress.
“You really don’t know how sexy you are, do you, darlin’?” Rick hadn’t moved from his place behind her, but Anthony saw his brother’s attention drinking in every inch of her satiny flesh the same way he was still doing.
“Yes.” She grimaced and shook her head. “Well, I don’t know about sexy, but I’m not ashamed of my body.”
Anthony hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans and rocked back on the heels of his boots. “Then why are you blushing?”
The pink in her cheeks deepened. “It’s just, well, I’ve never stood naked in front of a man and let them gawk at me like this, let alone stand between two men and let them do it.”
Anthony liked knowing that. He knew she’d left Pleasure right after graduation, but a part of him had always wondered if a couple of men had moved into their place before she’d left. He’d never heard anything about it through the town grapevine, but it was possible to keep a secret in Pleasure. It wasn’t easy, but it was possible.
Rick barked a laugh. “We’re not gawking, darlin’. We’re admiring.”
She smiled. “I guess gawking wasn’t really the right word, but…”
“Have you ever stared at yourself?” Anthony asked. “Have you ever watched yourself masturbate?”
“Of course not. That would be…why would I do that?”
Anthony closed the distance between them and took her hand. “Come here.” One of the walls of the room was lined with mirrors. He snagged a chair on his way to it, set the chair in front of the mirror, and pulled her into his lap. “I want you to see what we see.”
Her eyes were wide and her flesh flush as she stared at her reflection. Her gaze shifted to Rick in the mirror when the man walked closer and then met his. “I look at myself in a mirror at least once a day, Anthony.”
“Are you naked then?” Rick crossed his arms and studied her in the mirror. “Are you sitting in a chair with your knees spread wide and your pussy exposed?”
She wasn’t sitting that way now, but Anthony fixed that. He reached around her, flattened his hands on her thighs, and pulled her legs apart. She was sitting ramrod straight in his lap, her shoulder blocking his vision.
“Relax against me, baby.”
He felt her shiver even as she leaned back against his chest. He rested his chin on her shoulder, met her gaze in the mirror, and let her see how much he enjoyed looking at her as he slowly slid his attention down to her pussy. Cream slickened her folds and he saw more collecting in her channel. Her clit was already swollen as if beckoning for an attention it wasn’t getting. The smell of her sweet scent drifted up to him and he barely swallowed the growl that rumbled in his throat.
He dragged his gaze back up, let it linger on her puckered nipples, and then settled it back on her glazed eyes. “Touch your pussy for us, Kiley.”
A spark of defiance shot through her eyes and he thought she might argue. Instead, she lifted a shaking hand and put it between her legs.
“Just one finger, darlin’,” Rick instructed. “Fold the rest of them back so we can see and play with that pretty clit the way you like it. Play with it like you do late at night when you’re fantasizing about us.”