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Make Me Sweat [Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5]

Make Me Sweat (MFM)
Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5

Make Me Sweat (MFM)


AVAILABLE: Monday, March 9th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 16th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Eliza wants a man that knows how to sweat. Or, in Cherish, where ménage relationships are the norm, two is better. Convincing her wealthy, controlling father of that is impossible. When he arranges a date for her, she dreads spending another evening with a stuffy white-collared man. But Aiden brings Chaz and one look at them has her sweating.

Firefighter Aiden Reeves rebelled against his wealthy parents' wishes long ago, but he gives into his mother’s matchmaking schemes to keep the peace. Her latest ploy involves Eliza Montgomery. He fears he’s in trouble when he hears her sultry voice. Then he meets her and knows he’s met his match.

Firefighter Chaz Slone isn’t part of the wealthy crowd, but Aiden enjoys dragging him along. Eliza might be drop-dead gorgeous, but there’s more to women than meets the eye. He’s right and the “more” she possesses ignites a fire that has the three of them hot, sweaty, and ready for more.


“Aiden Reeves,” she said on a sigh as she flung herself back in her chair and gave the phone a menacing glare. “Of course you pick now to call.”
Resigning herself to the fact that she might as well go ahead and get the conversation over with, she picked up her phone and thumbed the icon to answer. “Hello.”
“Is this Eliza?”
Smooth voice and articulately spoken words. Yes, he was definitely Aiden Reeves.
“That’s the name on my birth certificate,” Eliza said blandly as she divided her attention between the phone call and her computer. She clicked open her e-mail and scanned through the subject lines as the man confirmed what she had already guessed.
“I’m Aiden Reeves. I believe you have been expecting my call.”
Eliza rolled her eyes as she checked the delete box next to several e-mails that had managed to make it past her spam filters. “I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat.”
She slapped her free hand over her mouth. Shit. She hadn’t meant to say that. But perhaps it was a good thing she had. Maybe she should let him know right off the bat that she wasn’t interested in this date or anything he might have in mind after.
Then again, being a bitch to him right off the bat probably wasn’t the best way to go about it, either. She was warring with whether or not to apologize when he made a sound she swore was a chuckle.
“Well, then. That’s, uh, good to know.”
Yes, that had definitely been a chuckle, Eliza decided. She could still hear the lingering amusement in his tone.
“Forgive me for saying so, but you don’t sound any more thrilled by this impending blind date than I am.”
Eliza cocked her head and gave the man her full attention. He wasn’t looking forward to their date either? A part of her felt stupidly insulted by that even as relief washed through her.
“You’re forgiven. I’m not at all thrilled about it.” Since they seemed to be laying it all on the line, Eliza decided not to stop at that. She didn’t miss a beat. To her surprise, neither did he. “To be honest—”
The cellular waves fell silent as they both broke off abruptly when they realized they had been saying the same thing at the same time.
Suddenly enjoying herself for reasons she couldn’t explain, she turned her chair slightly and propped her feet on the corner of her desk. “Okay, I’m curious. We’ll finish what we were saying on three. Are you ready?”
She didn’t give him time to answer. “One, two, three. I only agreed to go out with you because my father wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she said at the same time he said, “I only agreed to this date to keep my mother off my ass.”
Eliza felt her jaw drop. What were the odds? “Damn, we were close.”
“Very close,” he agreed, obviously as surprised as she was.
Eliza chewed her bottom lip. “Why does that feel freaky?”
He chuckled again, and something about the sound sent tremors down her spine. “Because we’ve both obviously been dreading this date, but now we don’t have to. Our intentions and motives are clear. We’re only going through with this to keep the peace with our parents.”
Eliza nodded even though she knew he couldn’t see it. “In other words, the night might not be so bad after all.”
“Maybe not.”
She heard a smile in his voice and found herself wondering what it looked like. What did he look like?
What do you care?
Excellent question. She didn’t care. Besides, she would know soon enough when he picked her up Saturday night.
“I’m sure you had already made plans for the evening. I had, too,” he continued. “I suggest we make an appearance at the benefit, give everyone our most charming smiles, and—”
“Go our separate ways a quickly as possible,” she finished for him.
“That is if you’re okay with that?”
“Absolutely!” Why wouldn’t she be? His tremor-inspiring voice aside, if her father thought Aiden was perfect for her, then she knew without a doubt he wasn’t the man she was looking for.
“Great!” He sounded as relieved as she felt. “Then if you’ll give me your address, we’ll pick you up at seven.”
Eliza’s feet hit the floor as she straightened in her chair. “We?”
“Oh, um, me and my friend Chaz Slone. I drag him along on dates like this to remind my mother she can weasel me into doing this kind of stuff, but she can’t control every aspect of my life. She warns me every time not to bring him, but…”
“You do it anyway because you know she hates it.” Eliza laughed, thoroughly amused by Aiden’s antics. “Smart.”
He chuckled. “It works…most of the time.”
Eliza relaxed back in her chair. “So I’ll be going out with you and your friend Chaz.”
“I suppose I should’ve asked you if you were okay with that first. I apologize.”
“Your friend has the same agenda as you, right? Make an appearance and a timely escape?”
“Trust me. If I would let him out of it, he wouldn’t be coming at all.”
Eliza smiled. “Then I’m okay with it.” She rattled off the address to her apartment and waited for his reaction. She expected to hear revulsion in his voice. Instead, she was pretty sure that was surprise in his tone.
“You live in Hamilton Pointe?”
“Is there something wrong with that?”
Hamilton Pointe wasn’t one of the most lavish apartment complexes in Cherish, but it wasn’t one of the most rundown either. Eliza figured it fell somewhere in the middle, offering its residents a gym, a pool, and modest-size apartments at an equally modest monthly rent. She had chosen it because she could easily pay for it on the royalties she made from her cover art without touching a dime of her father’s money.
“No, I’m just…” He trailed off and started again. “I know exactly where it is.”
“Then I guess I’ll see you and your friend at seven tomorrow night.”
Eliza thumbed the icon to end the call, thinking that was decidedly the oddest conversation she had ever had with one of her father’s supposedly perfect-for-her suitors.

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Remembered Flames [Uniformed and Blazing Hot 4]

Remembered Flames (MFM) 
Uniformed and Blazing Hot 4

Remembered Flames (MFM) 


This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, February 16th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

The explosion that put firefighter Taylor Parke in a coma took more than those two months of his life. He lost nearly a decade of memories—his friends, his beloved career, and the woman he couldn’t live without. All he can do is start over and Carly Madison, with her sultry body and brown-sugar eyes, seems like the best place to begin.

Firefighter Jax Darwin envies his best friend’s memory loss. He’d give anything to forget the love he still feels for Carly. No matter how hard he’s tried, he can’t get the headstrong, vivacious beauty out of his system…especially now that she’s working at his side.

Her position as lead paramedic wasn’t the only thing Carly gave up to become a firefighter, but Taylor and Jax left her little choice. She’s tried to move on, but some flames are too hard to put out and the three of them are about to learn true love deserves to be remembered. 


Jax bit back a grin. “Baby, you know me better than anyone. When have I ever been able to listen to a warning for long?”
It damn sure hadn’t lasted long with her. Every alarm bell ever created had been going off in his head since the day she had walked away from him and Taylor. He had listened to them for all of a few months before he was right back here with her again.
Seemingly satisfied, she dropped her gaze to his dick, still enclosed in his pants. “You have no idea how grateful I am that you enjoy living life on the edge.”
Jax skimmed his finger over the line of her jaw, up the side of her face, and then turned his hand to cup her cheek. “Why don’t you tell me?”
She shook her head and dragged her tongue seductively between her lips.
Jax’s dick went into hysterics.
“I would rather show you. Take him out for me, Jax. I’m dying to taste you.”
Christ! She knew damn well what it did to him when she said things like that. He couldn’t deny her request any more than he could will his heart to stop loving her. He knew that for a fact. He spent the last few months attempting to do exactly that. Deep down he had known it wouldn’t work. There wasn’t a damn thing he could ever do to get this woman out of his system. Hell, Taylor even lost his memory and she was still embedded in the man so deeply he couldn’t let her go.
Giving her what they both wanted, Jax slowly let his hand fall from her angelic face and got to his feet as he reached to unfasten his pants. She watched every move his fingers made, flames licking her beautiful eyes that were filled with as much love for him as they were arousal.
She made a sound of pure female appreciation as he peeled his pants down his thighs and let them pool around the tops of his hiking boots. Only then did she turn her attention back to Taylor. She held the man’s gaze as she sat up straighter, turning her head to look at Taylor over her shoulder as she languidly flipped her sultry body over until she was positioned on her hands and knees in front of him.
“Damn,” Taylor breathed as he dropped to his knees once again, this time behind her, his gaze fixated on her ass.
Yeah, Jax could relate to that, too. The woman’s ass was truly spectacular. His dick convulsed at the thought of how tight her virgin ass would be around his shaft. He had convinced her to let him play and they even purchased a butt plug she allowed him to use. He was positive she had been on the verge of finally allowing him to go further when things had changed between them.
Now she was ready but, thanks to their location, there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.
Carly wiggled her ass and the smile that unfolded on Taylor’s lips was equally amused and strained. The man flattened his hands on the small of her back and dragged them down to palm the half-moons, his gaze following the path of his touch.
“Are you wanting to feel both of our dicks inside you at the same time, Cars?”
Jax watched Carly shiver and figured it was as much from Taylor’s sensual touch as it was from the fear of what she would be allowing.
Taylor’s hands caressed the half-moons, drawing a soft moan from Carly’s throat. “Whose dick do you want where, sweetheart?”
Her gaze locked with Jax’s as she seemed to mull over the question. A mix of jealousy and eagerness twisted in Jax’s gut. The eagerness took over when she answered.
“I want your dick in my pussy and Jax’s in my…my…” She swallowed hard and finally said the word. “Ass.”
Taylor glanced at him and Jax was pretty sure that was approval he saw in his friend’s expression before the man returned his attention to Carly’s ass.
Jax could tell by the position of the man’s arms that he had spread the cheeks of Carly’s ass apart with one hand, curled the other around the base of his dick, and was exploring her crack with his cockhead, following the path to her pussy. He must have paused at her tightest entrance because the deep, audible breath Carly took quivered.
“Taylor.” Jax put just enough warning in his tone to draw his friend’s attention away from Carly’s treasures. “We can’t do it now. Not here, man. It’ll hurt her.”
“I know. We’ll save it for another time when it’s you back here like she wants. It’s the way I want it, too. I’m already getting the disadvantage of being behind her. I can watch her shiver.” A devious grin spread Taylor’s lips as he did something in her crack that made her do just that. “I can hear the vixen sounds she makes.” He made another move that drew a moan from her throat. “But I can’t see the pleasure she’s feeling on her beautiful face.”
A stupid sense of relief washed through Jax. He loved seeing Carly’s pleasure as much as he did hearing it, but he knew being inside her tight little ass would bring him to a level of ecstasy that rivaled hers.
Jax caught Carly’s angelic face when she started to turn it to look back at Taylor over her shoulder. It surprised him that she had kept quiet for so long. He curled his fingers around the base of his cock, positioned the engorged head a scant half inch from her luscious lips, and laced the fingers of his free hand in the side of her hair. “Take me in your pretty mouth, Carly. Let Taylor watch you shiver and hear those vixen sounds as you suck me off and he makes love to your pussy.”

Building Pleasure [Rescue Ranch: The Beginning]

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Rescue Ranch: The Beginning

Building Pleasure (MFM)

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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Living in Pleasure, Tennessee is all about being the best wife a woman can be to two incredible men. May Merriweather fell in love with those two men long ago, but fate has made her unable to give them everything a wife should. Knowing she must tell Horace and Hank Hoskins the truth so they can find the woman who is right for them, she stages a night at their house where she plans to cook for them and bear her soul. Their reaction to her news, however, is not what she’d expected.

Horace and Hank Hoskins were in love with May even before they left for the Navy. Not feeling it right to ask her to wait for them, they held off pursuing her until they returned to Pleasure. Now they’re back and won’t allow anything to stand in their way of claiming the woman they love…even the secret she’s been keeping that will affect their future.

Note: This app book is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.


Horace carried her through the small house to one of the bedrooms and lowered her in the center of an enormous bed as if she were as fragile as spun glass. The emotions in his eyes filled her heart as his hands glided down her body, dipped beneath the shirt Hank had given her to wear, and slowly peeled it up and off. He folded his body over hers, his lips finding her mouth first before gliding down her flesh, peppering every inch with tender kisses or pressured nips until she was writhing beneath him.
Wanting to feel him, needing to be skin-to-skin, she let her hands roam his torso, bunched the material of the shirt in her hands that she’d insisted he put on before sitting down for dinner, and pulled it over his head. His mouth closed over her breast, and her head lolled as he worked her nipple with his tongue and teeth, turning the flame already burning in her pussy to a raging fire of demand. Her eyes started to close, but she spotted Hank as he moved closer to the bedside. The sight of him stripping compelled her to keep her eyes open despite the pleasure of Horace’s mouth on her breasts. With their long and lean bodies and magnificently sculpted muscles and planes, she knew she would never tire of seeing either of her men naked.
Hank crawled onto the side of the bed and captured her mouth in a sweetly demanding kiss as Horace’s tongue painted a fiery path down her abdomen and stomach. Hank’s hand took over her abandoned breasts, massaging them in pressured squeezes as Horace’s hand found her pussy. Horace traced the outer edge of her sodden folds before slipping between them to press at her aching opening.
May lifted her hips, attempting to draw those fingers inside her, but met only a resistance that threatened to drive her mad. Hank’s fingers caught her nipple in a firm but delicious pinch that had her moaning into his mouth. The moan morphed to a cry muffled by his tongue when Horace’s fingers drove inside her needy pussy.
“It’s time, May.” Hank’s voice was strained with arousal and need as he pulled back and lightly licked her chin and neck.
She knew exactly what it meant. It was time for them to make love to her together. Even as trepidation quivered through her veins, she knew he was right. It was definitely time. She couldn’t wait another second to feel both of the men she loved inside her. “Please.”
Her quiet plea was apparently all her men needed to spring them into action. Hank stretched out beside her even as Horace slid further to the foot of the bed. Hank reached for her, and she smiled as she threw one leg over his waist to straddle him, putting her hands on either side of his broad shoulders for balance, her back arched and ass in the air.
“Christ, now that’s the sight I’ve dreamed about for years,” Horace said gruffly behind her. His hands framed her hips, slid down her thighs, and then over her butt cheeks. His fingers kneaded the flesh, pulling her cheeks apart. “You look amazin’ this way, darlin’. Your ass is perfect, firm and beautiful, and, damn, you’re gonna be tight. I just know it.”
She knew it, too. Clyde had always been too fixated on getting her pregnant to worry himself with delivering her true satisfaction. Anal play, and especially anal sex, had been expressly forbidden. That would never happen with Horace and Hank, not just because she couldn’t get pregnant, but because they loved her. All the years she’d spent longing for them, wishing God hadn’t deprived her of the ability to bear children, wanting nothing more than to be the wife these fantastic men deserved, were being put in the past tonight. They loved her unconditionally, and every touch of their hands, every kiss from their mouths, and every word they spoke was proving that to her.
Dizzy with the desire they instilled in her, her body threatened to convulse with the anticipation of what was about to happen. “Horace, please. I need to feel you.”
“Soon, darlin’. Very soon.”
Hank’s hands framed her hips, and he used the firm hold to lower her onto his erect cock. She forgot all about begging for Horace to take her ass as the sensation of being filled by Hank’s enormous dick overwhelmed her senses.
“Mine.” The sheer possessiveness in Hank’s tone sent a wicked thrill racing straight to her pussy and ass. “Ours. Forever, May. You will belong to us forever.”
May tested his hold on her hips, rocking her pussy on his cock, and watched in delight when he closed his eyes and a throaty sounding groan escaped his lips. “Mine,” she repeated breathlessly as her channel continued to stretch to accommodate the width of his cock. “Both of you. Forever.”
His hold on her hips loosened, giving her just enough freedom to ride his cock. She took it slow, loving the feel of his shaft grazing along the inner walls of her channel, losing herself in the sweetest pleasure she’d ever known.
“Horace, you better hurry, brother,” Hank warned him through gritted teeth. “She feels too damn good.”
Behind her, Horace chuckled. “You see what you do to us, darlin’. Once we get inside your sexy body, neither one of us can hold on for long.”
May shot a glance at him over her shoulder to find his expression strained, his lips tilted in a devilish grin, and his eyes dancing with sinful intentions. “Let’s see how long you can last when you join us.”
“Is that a challenge, May?”
It was amazing how that casually asked question turned her insides to the temperature of molten lava. She stilled with Hank’s cock lodged inside her fiery channel to the hilt and, for about half a second, all she could do was sit there and revel in the rapturous sensations the anticipation brought her. “Yes. Take me, Horace. Make love to my ass while Hank is inside my pussy.”