Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Healing Pleasure
Rescue Ranch 1

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Grief counselor Lena Conley is certain Trey Berke’s cagey plan to get close to his best friend, Brit Matthews, is a bad idea. Both men are stubborn, reserved, and mouthwateringly hot. Never one to turn away from someone in need, she tactically coerces Brit to talk even as she carefully chips away at Trey’s hidden pain. Little does she know, the SEALs will heal her and offer a provocative passion that will steal her heart.

When an op takes a grave turn, Brit is left with an injury that threatens to end his career and a memory of horrid images he can’t erase. Recovering on Rescue Ranch adds to his misery…until the sexy, compassionate Lena comes along.

Trey was a teenager headed for destruction when Brit dragged him to Rescue Ranch. It changed his life and cemented an unbreakable bond between them. Returning to the Team without Brit isn’t an option. Neither is claiming Lena.


“Good. Crawl on your hands and knees onto the bed. Brit’s waiting for you.”
Trey released her and she turned to find Brit stretched out in the center of his bed, his arms relaxed at his sides, and his delicious-looking cock laying thick and hard against his abdomen, the head reaching his navel.
Her knees wobbled as she moved to the foot of the bed, her attention locked on Brit’s cock like a homing beacon. She climbed onto the end of the bed, spreading her legs on either side of Brit’s as she crawled on her hands and knees up his body. She stopped at his thighs, met his heated gaze, and slid a hand beneath his cock, lifting its heavy weight off his stomach. A bead of pre-cum glistened in the slit of his cockhead, beckoning her to taste. She licked her lips, started to lower her head, and froze when he ordered her to stop.
“Unless you want me to tie your hands behind your back, you’ll want to let go of my cock, darlin’.”
Lena huffed a breath, frowned, and eased his cock back down to rest on his stomach.
He laced his fingers behind his head and cocked a brow at her. “Keep coming.”
She crawled closer, until her knees were on either side of his hips, then he gave her another command to stop.
He stared up at her, his gaze studying her face for a long moment before he spoke. “Did I tell you to suck my cock, darlin’?”
“No, s—”
He made a considering face as his lips stretched in a pleased grin. “Don’t stop yourself on that one, sweet thing. Sir works just fine for me, though Trey and I weren’t gonna require that of you just yet.”
“I want to taste you.” She couldn’t remember ever wanting a cock in her mouth so badly. Her taste buds were zinging off the charts. Her mouth watered so profusely she had to keep swallowing to prevent it from filling.
“Not this time, darlin’.” He finally touched her. His hands closed beneath her dangling breasts, squeezed, and his thumbs raked over her hardened nipples. He lifted his head, used his hold on her breasts to pull her down, and gave one nipple a quick, pressured bite before licking away the sting.
Lena threw her head back as he gave her other breast the same treatment, the pleasure-laced pain of the bites igniting a flaming path of pulsing need that traveled straight to her cunt. She lowered her hips, felt her folds glide over his shaft, and attempted to position her pussy in a way that would allow her to draw his cock inside her. The next bite coupled with the pinch on her other nipple drew a small scream from her throat even as juices coated her folds.
“Are you determined to make me punish you, Lena?”
“No, sir.” The shock of pain left a throbbing need in its wake that made her clit pulse in a begging unison with her nipples. “Please. If I can’t taste you, then let me feel you, Brit.”
Behind her, the bed shifted as Trey’s hands closed over the cheeks of her ass. “Word that request correctly, sugar, and he might give it to you.”
Word the request correctly? For a moment, she didn’t understand. Trey’s hands massaged her ass, surprisingly in the same rhythm Brit’s hands massaged her breasts. The double manipulation to two of her most sensitive areas made it difficult for her to think.
“Ask me for what you want, darlin’.”
She wanted so much she wasn’t sure where to begin. Their touches electrified every erogenous zone in her body, short-circuited her mind, and awakened nerve endings she hadn’t known she possessed. Trey made it worse when he pushed a finger between her ass cheeks and pressed the tip against her anus.
“Oh, God.” She bowed her head as the pressure spread to mount in her womb. “Please.”
Trey massaged her anus, but didn’t attempt to enter the forbidden hole. “Has anyone ever fucked you here, sugar?”
She shook her head as her ass trembled with anticipation. Mark had focused on teaching her to obey his commands by taking her to the teetering line between pleasure and pain, but their time together had been stolen before they’d made it to anal play. “No, sir.”
Brit’s thumbs and forefingers latched onto her nipples, tugging and pinching and sending more bolts of electrified needs ricocheting from her breasts, to her pussy, to her ass.
“I like hearing that.” Trey’s finger retreated and his callused palms caressed her cheeks. “I like knowing I’ll be the first to sink my cock in your virgin ass.”
Brit released one nipple, slid the hand up to cup her nape, and pulled her head down. His breath fanned her lips when he spoke, adding more fuel to the already raging fire in her system. “Trey will make sure that tight hole is nice and stretched before he fucks it, darlin’.”
She made a sound that might have been a whimper or a plea. Whatever it was got lost in Brit’s mouth as he kissed her. He drove his tongue into her mouth, immediately assuming control and taking her breath away. One of Trey’s hands left her ass and she thought she heard a soft click. Then the hand was back, the finger slipping between her cheeks again, this time bringing with it a cooling sensation.
“Think about it, sugar.” Trey’s finger eased inside her ass a fraction of an inch.
Lena felt her muscles squeeze around his fingertip of their own accord. The alien sensation ignited a bittersweet burn that traveled straight to her flaming pussy.
“Imagine how it will feel when you have my cock in your tight ass and Brit’s dick in your hot pussy at the same time.”