Thursday, August 22, 2013

Up in Flames [The Heroes of Silver Springs 10] is available at Amazon:

Are you one of the fans of The Heroes of Silver Springs who is eagerly awaiting the next installment to be available for purchase at Amazon for your Kindle? (I do this a lot with books, too. :) ) Up in Flames, book 10, is at Amazon now!

Click here to buy!

Hazmat Engineer-Lieutenant Max Jasper is an explosively orgasmic recipe for disaster. Fire Investigator Regina Zimmer knows, if she lets him get too close, she’ll go up in flames. She’s worked hard to prove herself a highly competent professional in the fire service. But, when tragedy strikes, the career she loves is threatened and surrendering to her desires for Max could change everything.

Max asked one question when he first met the fiery red-headed Regina and she immediately dubbed him as Lieutenant Ass. Since then, anytime their paths have crossed, they’ve ended up snipping at each another. Still, when Regina’s personal life starts to take her down emotionally, Max is there for her. When the Flame Jumper begins torching businesses in Silver Springs and targeting Regina, Max is determined to help her catch the arsonist. But doing so will put his needs for her on the line and create a backdraft neither of them can escape.