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Too Hot to Resist (MFM)

Too Hot to Resist (MFM)  

AVAILABLE: Monday, May 4th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Paramedic Madeline “Maddie” Rafferty has watched quietly as all her coworkers on Station 5’s A-shift have found their true love. Only three people on the shift are still single…Captain Stacy Knox, Truck 29 Lieutenant Casper Wiley, and her. If she can get her way, Stacy and Casper won’t be single for long. Tired of sitting back and waiting for the men she wants to make their move, Maddie is about to show Stacy and Casper that the chemistry between the three of them is too hot to resist.

Fraternizing isn’t forbidden in the firehouse, but when higher ranks are involved, situations get far more complicated. Stacy and Casper want Maddie. Keeping their relationship with her on a purely professional level is sheer torture. And, when Maddie decides she’s had enough of the emotional and sexual distance they’ve put between them, both men are liable to go up in flames.


Casper Wiley’s hands reflexively shot out and locked onto Madeline’s slender hips when she came to an abrupt halt in front of him, and he was toast. In all the years he’d lusted after her, fantasized about her, and wanted her, he’d managed to never touch her beyond a fist bump or a high five around the firehouse. He was touching her now and not just with his hands. He’d slammed into her and now his chest was pressed against the back of her head and shoulders, his dick was resting against the small of her back, and her shapely ass was against the front of his thighs.

Casper knew he was a damn good firefighter, but the blaze burning inside him hot enough to turn the state of Tennessee to ashes for paramedic Madeline Rafferty was one he still hadn’t figured out how to extinguish. Holding her wasn’t going to help that a damn bit.

He felt her stiffen in surprise, and then relax in his embrace, and, God, help him, when she rolled her head on his chest to look up at him, he nearly lost the hold on his resistance he’d been gripping tightly all these years. Her gaze locked with his, and there was no way he could miss the heat, desire, and challenge that sparked in her big, blue eyes. His dick turned rock-solid behind his zipper. Even through the material of his uniform slacks and bunker pants over them, there was no way she couldn’t feel how hard he was. The soft moan that escaped her slightly parted lips gave him all the confirmation he needed.
“We should head back, Rafferty.”

Rafferty. Not Madeline. Not Maddie. He watched her blink and all but saw her mind switch gears. Calling her by her last name put them back on the level they needed to be, paramedic and Truck 29 Lieutenant.

Casper gathered his willpower and used it to pry his hands off her slender hips as he took a full step back. He was still within arm’s reach of her, but he’d learned long ago how to control the urge to draw her in closer.

Madeline shook her head hard enough to send her short, brunette ponytail swinging and pointed to the field in front of them. “There’s a house over there. We have to check it out. He could be inside it.”

Casper shifted his gaze to the house several yards ahead. It was little more than a shack on the hillside that had obviously seen better days. “Are you kidding? We’re a good mile away from the scene and I doubt anyone has been inside that place in years.”

“Look at the grass.” She pointed again, this time to the field surrounding the house. A path zigzagged through it on a direct course to the front door. “Someone has been through here, Wiley. It could be our guy looking for help.”

Or looking for an escape.

Casper kept that suspicion to himself, though he’d started to believe the man they were looking for wasn’t merely a victim, but someone not looking for a run-in with any of the first responders in the area. Why else would an innocent victim from the downed helicopter that had crashed on top of a warehouse a mile away flee so far from the scene? Cherish Police Department, along with firefighters and paramedics from Stations 4 and 5, were back there scrambling to help people trapped in the part of the warehouse that had collapsed and others on the ground that had been injured by flying debris created when the helicopter had crashed. A triage had been set up at a safe, but close proximity to the warehouse and Casper, Madeline, and the rest of the Station 5 A-shift crews were searching the outlying areas for victims. One of the victims told Madeline’s partner, Neil Ingram, that he’d seen an injured man staggering this way.

Upon hearing there may be someone out here needing medical attention, Madeline had sprinted off. Casper had refused to let her go after the guy alone. She sprinted off again now, heading straight through the knee-high grass toward the house. Casper, once again, followed.

“We have to at least check it out.”

“Fine. We’ll check it out, but this is as far as we’re going. If he isn’t in there, we’re heading back to the scene.” Casper double-timed it to get in front of Madeline when they reached the rickety front porch of the shack. He noted the foreclosure notice taped to the outside of the door. A door that was standing partially open.


Madeline rarely called him by his first name, but every time she did sounded different in his head. It was always breathier and preceded by the word “oh” or “please” as he kissed and licked his way over every inch of her sultry body. Her hand that closed on his bicep while she pointed to the floor of the porch with the other didn’t help stop the change of her tone or the vision that formed in his mind.

“That’s blood.”

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