Saturday, June 27, 2015

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Forever Strings (MFM)

Forever Strings (MFM) 

Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Officer Ripley Paxton has been betrayed by love too many times, but solitary life has gotten lonely. When she meets Xander, she makes it clear she’s looking for a good time and no strings. Then she meets Flynn and finds herself having that good-time-no-strings fun with both men…until the strings start to form, a threat makes itself known, and the only place she can turn is into Xander and Flynn’s loving, protective arms.
Fire Captain Flynn Martelli has enough on his plate without adding a woman to the mix, but the sexy, vivacious Ripley is too irresistible to push aside. Firefighter Xander Wayland knows Ripley is the woman for him. The gorgeous vixen isn’t looking for long-term. Neither is he. His heart has different plans. When he discovers Ripley has been having fun with Flynn, too, he’s okay with that. So is Flynn. But neither man is okay with the threat that’s out to take her away from them forever.


Ripley’s heart skipped a beat. Just like that, Xander had gone from playful to serious. She supposed he’d had to, especially given the handcuffs in his hand and the obvious intent in his eyes to use them.
“That’s an interesting question coming from a man I’ve known for barely more than two hours.”
He shot a pointed glance around the room before meeting her gaze again. “I’m in your house.”
Ripley gave him a half laugh. “You’re in my bedroom.”
Xander didn’t crack a smile. “But do you trust me enough to have my way with you and know that I won’t hurt you in any way that doesn’t give you absolute and total pleasure?”
Ripley’s heart didn’t just skip a beat this time. It stilled. Holy smokes, the intensity on his handsome face coupled with the mixture of hope and confidence in his tone had juices leaking from between her feminine lips. She wanted this man. She wanted him to have his way with her, and, mother of hormones, she wanted him to do anything and everything to her that would give her that absolute and total pleasure he was talking about.
She shifted, putting the weight of her upper body on one elbow so she could reach for him with her other hand. “Yes, Xander. Call me crazy, but I trust you.”
“I would never call you crazy or give you a reason not to trust me,” he said, still so serious, so confident, and, oh, wow, those words shouldn’t have made her insides go all warm and fuzzy, but they did.
Wanting to put them back in their playful mood from moments ago, needing to, Ripley asked, “Do you need me to show you what to do with those handcuffs?”
He snorted. “Baby, I’m going to show you how these handcuffs can be fun.” He waited a beat and added, “Lay down and stretch your arms over your head.”
Ripley obeyed even as an excited whip of trepidation slashed over every erogenous zone in her body.
He leaned over her, glanced down, and asked, “You’re right handed, aren’t you?”
There was only one set of cuffs. He couldn’t bind both of her wrists to the headboard like he obviously wanted. Knowing it would throw him off, she told him, “I’m ambidextrous.”
He gave her a withering look that had her struggling not to laugh. “Work with me, Ripley, unless you’ve got another pair of these laying around.”
She let a half giggle escape. “I don’t, and I shoot my gun with my right hand, if that helps.”
“So, just in case that’s lying around the room and I didn’t see it…” He muttered the words, but she heard the humor in his tone as he stretched her right arm toward the headboard and secured it to one of the wrought iron bars.
Still laughing, Ripley waved her left hand in the air in front of his face. “I still have a free hand.”
“Not for long.” He grabbed that wrist as he sat up and guided her left hand between her legs. “You’re going to play with your pussy until I get down there to take over.”
“Wh—” A sudden rush of uncertainty had Ripley needing to swallow before she could make the question come out. “Where are you going to be?”
He shifted next to her, threw one powerful leg over her thighs, braced the weight of his upper body on his hands at her sides, and dipped his head. “Right here for starters.” The tip of his tongue touched the side of her neck and danced its way down.
Ripley shuddered, every sensory nerve in her body anticipating the next lick, the next touch of his mouth, and the bites he’d given to her breasts in the living room.
“Are you playing with your pussy like I told you to do?” The warmth of his breath fanned her flesh as his face hovered over her collarbone.
She wasn’t. All of her attention had been fixated on him, every particle of her being waiting for him to touch her, to taste her, and to fuck her. She pushed a finger between her sodden folds and couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.
His lips unfolded in a smile against her flesh as he lowered his mouth to her collarbone and gave it a tender nip. “Now you are. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”
“You should be doing it for me.” Ripley could finger herself any time the mood struck. Right now, she wanted his large, callused fingers between her pussy lips, fondling her clit, and pumping inside her channel.
“You have to beg me to first.”
Ripley let out a quick burst of disbelieving laughter, but the moan that broke through it when his tongue touched her flesh again ruined the effect. “I don’t beg, Slick.”
His head lifted, his gaze slammed into hers, and the calm authority shining among the flames in her eyes brought her inching toward the edge. “You will.”

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