Monday, November 2, 2015

It's Release Day!

Tempted, Twisted, and Taken (MFM)

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[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Structural engineer Autumn Johnson only has eyes for her career. But destiny throws her a twist that puts Engine Company Lieutenant Zach Torren and lead paramedic Casey Macon in her sights. She’s had her fill of obnoxious men in the fire service, but Zach and Casey are determined to show her how hot and enjoyable fate can be.

Zach knows how to put out fires. He knows how to keep them burning, too. The spontaneous flames that erupt when he meets Autumn need fuel, not water. But, someone wants her dead and, in the end, he'll need skill more than charm he to keep her alive.

It’s been years since a woman caught Casey’s heart. Autumn does it on sight, but is she everything Zach thinks she is? When her life is threatened, he pushes that question aside and focuses on keeping her safe. But, when he discovers who’s behind it all, it might be too late.


She met Zach’s gaze. “I want you on your knees so I can get to you.” She shifted her attention to Casey. “I want you behind me.”
“You want doggie style,” Casey guessed correctly and, oh boy, the flames that overtook his eyes were the hottest she’d ever seen.
She waggled her brows. “Woof. Woof.”
Casey cracked up.
Zach snorted and rested his forehead on the side of her shoulder as he laughed. “And you call me the comedian.”
Autumn waited for both men to sober before she framed Casey’s handsome face with her hands. “I’m not ready for anal sex yet, but I won’t mind if you play there. It will help, won’t it, so it doesn’t hurt when I am ready?”
She’d never had anal sex, but she’d had a boyfriend who had tried once. It had been far too painful for her to allow him to continue. Still, she had always wanted to try again, especially when the ménage fantasies had started creeping into her dreams about being with Zach and Casey. She was certain the reason it had hurt so badly before was because the guy she’d been with hadn’t cared about anything beyond his own satisfaction. He’d done nothing to prepare her and hadn’t been gentle or slow. Casey was the wilder one when it came to kisses and blurring the line between pleasure and pain, but somehow she knew, when it came to anal sex, he would be tenderer, at least until she became comfortable with the act.
“Yeah,” he told her, his voice thick with his own arousal. “It’ll help.”
“I’ll get the condoms and lube.” Zach brushed a light kiss over her shoulder, eased back, and walked on his knees to the head of the bed. He pulled open the nightstand drawer, palmed two condoms, a tube of lubrication, and returned to them.
Autumn watched him as he passed one of the condoms and the lube to Casey and started to work on the remaining foil wrapper in his hand. She reached out and curled her fingers around his wrist. “Are you clean?”
She hated to ask, but in this day and age, a woman had to be careful. He met her gaze and she knew by the intense look in his eyes that she could trust him. He nodded. “Then you don’t need that. I want to taste you, not latex.” She turned to Casey and grimaced. “Unfortunately, you will need one. I’m not on birth control.” She’d stopped bothering with it when she’d sworn off men, but now wished she hadn’t.
“It’s okay. I don’t mind.”
She minded, though. Casey had told her he’d never been inside a woman without a condom. She wanted to be his first. She made a mental note to make an appointment with her OB-GYN tomorrow morning as he rolled the condom down his massive cock.
Her pussy convulsed as a swift rush of anticipation returned. She shifted, got to her knees, and turned, her mouth watering when her gaze landed on Zach. He was on his knees, his sexy ass settled back on his haunches, and his naked cock standing at attention. She licked her lips, more than ready to give it that attention as she flattened her hands on the mattress and crawled to him.
“Christ, that’s fucking sexy,” Casey whispered behind her.
Autumn glanced at him over her shoulder. Men had told her all her adult life how sexy she was, but she actually felt sexy for the first time. It was the look in his eyes that made her feel it as his gaze moved over her back and ass. Said ass tingled, the muscles flexing on their own accord as if eagerly awaiting his touch.
Saying thank you seemed too inane, so she simply smiled and turned back to Zach. He rose to his knees when she stopped in front of him, putting his cock in perfect alignment with her mouth. Behind her, Casey moved in, positioning himself on his knees between her legs. She wiggled her ass and swallowed a giggle when he moaned. Then his hands molded the cheeks of her ass and it was her turn to moan.
His hands caressed the orbs, squeezed them, and then one hand curled, parting them and tugging at the entrance to her ass. Sharp flares of heat whipped through her system. That heat was met with a startling chill as he slipped a finger into her crack. The contrast of the cool gel made her shiver.
His hips shifted and she felt the head of his cock graze her outer folds. Then it was pushing between them, homing in on the drenched opening like a heat-seeking missile, and thrusting deep.
“Oh, yes!” Her arms supporting the weight of her upper body shook, threatening to buckle, as the first round of pleasure tore through her.
“Fuck, you feel so good,” he ground through gritted teeth as he settled his cock balls-deep inside her and the finger between her ass cheeks flattened over the sensitive cavity. He circled the outer rim of her anus as he pulled his cock back until only the head remained inside her pussy before he thrust it in again all the way to the hilt.
Autumn cried out, the second round of pleasure ripping through her more violently than the first. She felt a hand push beneath her hair, turn to gently fist the strands, and she opened eyes she hadn’t realized she’d closed. Her gaze locked on Zach’s cock barely a breath from her mouth and she parted her lips, stuck out her tongue, and swiped at the bead of pre-cum glistening on the slit. His hand in her hair gave the strands a reflexive tug, his hips bucked, and a soft, animalistic sound rumbled from his throat. Wanting to hear more of those sounds, she licked his engorged cockhead into her mouth, closed her lips around it, and sucked it deeper.
“Holy shit!”

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