Monday, December 30, 2013

New Release: Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy

Have you visited Silver Island yet? Safe and Coasting with Ecstasy, book 2 of The Heroes of Silver Island series, is now available at Siren-BookStrand! And don't miss book 1, Safe and SEALed with Ecstasy, also available at Siren-Bookstrand!

Kimberly Bevel found her place on Silver Island. In a community where ménage relationships are the norm, all she’s missing is the love of two super-sexy hunks to complete her paradise. When she meets Coast Guard Petty Officers Mett and Charlie Doyle, she knows she’s found the men she wants, even if the brothers aren’t eager to share.

Mett and Charlie have been equally attracted to women before, but Kimberly is the first neither have been willing to walk away from. There’s little more important to Mett than a woman’s happiness and he knows exactly how to deliver it. Charlie isn’t as suave as Mett, but he’s got a few moves up his sleeve.

While the brothers go head-to-head in their efforts to win Kimberly’s heart, she looks for a way to keep them both. But when she becomes the target of a madman, she may need Mett and Charlie to do more than keep her bed warm at night.


“Christ, I’ve got to be the luckiest woman on the planet.” Her gaze jumped from one man to the other, greedily drinking in their broad shoulders, the hard planes and corded muscles of their chests. Charlie’s was smooth where Mett’s was speckled with dark springy hairs. Both were equally arresting. Their cocks stood at full attention between their powerful legs, jutting out like come-get-me exclamation points that had her licking her lips as her mouth watered and her pussy grew so wet she wondered it didn’t drip.
“Why is that?”
She pulled her gaze up to meet Charlie’s and found him grinning at her with one brow cocked. She answered him with an appreciative sigh. “Because you guys are gorgeous.”
He chuckled as he crawled onto the bed, walking on his knees until he was behind her. His arms came around her, his hands covering her breasts as he nuzzled his face in the side of her neck. “You’re the one that’s gorgeous, baby.”
Kimberly moaned as he massaged her breasts, his thumbs raking over her nipples until they beaded in a pulsing plea for more. She let her head fall back on his shoulder as he licked and nipped the side of her neck, her eyes closing to slits as the pleasure flowed through her. She saw Mett through those slits as he climbed onto the bed in front of her. He sat back on his heels, his gaze dropping to Charlie’s hands on her breasts, his eyes full of heat and only a hint of jealousy.
She reached for him, cupping his nape as he came to her and took her mouth in another tender kiss. She wound her other arm behind her, laced her fingers in Charlie’s hair, and felt the bed shift as the men slowly laid her down between them.
Mett eased back, the tip of his nose brushing hers as a dart of uncertainty shot through his eyes. “Do we get a little room for trial and error? I’ve never made love to a woman while another man is making love to her, too.”
Kimberly smiled, the pain in her cheek dulled by the emotions filling her mind, body, and heart. “I don’t care how much you fumble as long as you’re both making love to me and enjoying it as much as I am.”
One of Charlie’s hands released her breast and slid down her side, turning as it pushed between her body and his to palm the cheek of her ass. “There’s only one way I know of for us to do that, baby.” He spread the cheeks of her ass, slipped a finger between them, and grazed the pad of it lightly over her anus.
She shivered, her muscles tightening involuntarily at the touch.
“I want to be inside you right here,” Charlie told her, the pad of his finger pressing a little more insistently against the outer rim of her anus.
“Is that what you want, sweetheart?” Mett skimmed a hand down her thigh, dragged it back up, and then pushed it between her legs. “Do you want both of us inside you at the same time?”
“Yes.” The word left her on a strangled whisper as Mett hiked her leg onto his forearm and positioned his cock to enter her sodden channel. Behind her, Charlie’s finger rotated on her anus in pressured massages that sent devilish desires zinging from her ass to her cunt.
“I need lube, baby,” Charlie told her. “I’m not going to take the chance I’ll hurt you.”
Oh, he’d hurt her anyway and she knew it. She’d had anal sex before, but never with a man that had a dick as long and thick as Charlie’s, and never with an enormous cock like Mett’s in her pussy at the same time.
“Bedside table drawer behind you.” Charlie’s hands left her and she felt the bed shifted at her back, heard the sound of the drawer open and close, and then felt the heat of his body as he returned.
She curled her fingers around Mett’s bicep and locked her gaze with his. “Please. I want you inside me now.” She rocked her hips forward as much as the scant space between her body and theirs would allow. Mett didn’t have that trouble. He pushed his cock inside her pussy in a single, slow thrust that drew a soft moan from her throat.
“Is that better?” His husky question fanned her lips as he held her gaze.
“Yesss.” The cool contrast of thick gel to the needy flesh of her ass turned her answer into a hiss. Charlie eased a finger inside her, wiggling and working it until the nerve-laden tissue of her ass sucked it deeper inside. A bitter-sweet pain erupted in her ass, traveling a direct course to her pussy, and igniting a burn that emphasized the pleasure even as it made her whimper for more.
Mett pulled his hips back, his dick sliding out of her until only the head remained before he slowly pushed all the way in once more. Charlie’s finger mirrored the movement, drawing back and entering her again in tandem with Mett’s cock gliding in and out of her cunt.
“Charlie, please. Give me more.”
He obliged her by adding a second finger and then a third to probe her asshole. Delirium threatened as she whipped her head from side to side, fighting to breathe. Her hips rocked forward on Mett’s enormous cock in her pussy only to pound back on Charlie’s fingers in her ass. Exquisite electric bolts zinged through her, speeding her pulse and taunting the release growing claws as it attempted to find its way out of her body.
A strangled scream of protest left her throat when Charlie pulled his fingers free of her questing ass without warning and she saw concern move through Mett’s handsome face a nanosecond before Charlie spoke.
“Not yet, baby.” He shifted behind her, spooning his body against her back. “You can’t come until I’m inside your tight little ass.”