Monday, September 14, 2015

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Flashpoint (MFM)
Flashpoint (MFM)

by Tonya Ramagos
Uniformed and Smoking Hot 4

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Firefighter Lena Durham is hell-bent on keeping a promise she made sixteen years ago to never date a fireman. Except, two have gotten under her skin…big time! She’s falling for smoking hot firefighters Wes and Axl and the flashpoint that ensues could break that promise and damage her career.
Firefighter Axl Shaffer’s position on Engine 9 may be temporary, but he’s been on Station 2’s B-shift long enough to know what he wants. The tough, sexy, and capable Lena has sworn to never date firemen, but he’s about to show her that some vows are made to be broken.
Wes Stanley has been in love with Lena for years, but he’s kept his feelings a secret. Now, he’s not the only one that wants her. He cooks up a plan and includes Axl, but trickery isn’t his style and he just may have ruined his chance to have the woman he loves and the friendship with her he holds dear.
Lena knew exactly what she was asking for, and though her arms on either side of Wes’s head shook when she felt the foot of the mattress dip as Axl climbed onto the bed behind her, she wasn’t asking for anything she didn’t want. Her body burned from roots to toe with the desire to feel both of her men inside her. She wasn’t sure she could take it, but apparently her body had decided it could. Otherwise, she wouldn’t feel the intense need ricocheting from her filled pussy to her empty ass like a ping-pong ball ready to explode if it didn’t get the satisfaction it craved.
Could a ping-pong ball really crave satisfaction? The ludicrous question flew from her mind as Axl flattened a large, callused palm on her left butt cheek. The heat of that simple touch she’d felt so many times before shot through her like a harpoon. That heat spread even more, driving her to the point of near madness as he tenderly caressed her ass before slipping two well-lubed fingers from his other hand into the crack of her ass.
Her inner pussy muscles flexed around Wes’s cock inside her of their own accord, and she saw his eyes roll back in his head before they slowly closed and a low-throated growl escaped his lips.
“Lena.” The tone of his voice made her name a warning.
“I’m sorry,” she told him, already on the verge of breathlessness. “You know I can’t help it when he touches me like that.”
They’d had this conversation before, about how her whole body tended to tense up when one of them played with her ass while the other one was inside her pussy. Now was even more different than it had been because she was riding on the potent, trepidation-laced fear of feeling more than a couple of fingers in her ass while she was straddling Wes’s cock.
“Axl, stop playing around,” Wes told him through gritted teeth.
“No way. I’m not going to hurt her.”
The conviction and concern in Axl’s voice had Lena looking back at him over her shoulder. He met her gaze, and she saw both emotions mirrored in his eyes. “It’s going to hurt. I know that, and I’m not going to try to pretend it won’t. But it will only be for a moment. I want you, the real you, inside me.”
She’d learned almost instantly that the real Axl was the rough and wild one during sex. Wes enjoyed the occasional bondage play, but he was always more tender and preferred to take it slowly.
“You’ll get me, baby, in just another minute.” His well-lubed fingers traveled farther down the crack of her ass, found her forbidden hole, and gently eased their way inside.
Lena’s breaths quickened, her eyes closed, and righted her head, only to let it bow as Axl worked the cool gel into her flaming ass, stroking the inner walls of her anus, and spreading his fingers to stretch the opening as he pushed the digits in deeper.
“Tell me that minute is almost up,” Wes said, his voice strained with his slipping control. “Her pussy is so tight around my dick. Jesus!”
Axl chuckled. “It’s about to get even tighter.”
A soft sound that closely resembled a whimper of protest escaped Lena’s lips as Axl pulled his fingers from her ass. The absence of that pressure, of the odd pleasure, was instantaneous. She wanted it back. She wanted more!
He stopped making her wait. She felt the mattress shift, felt one hand pull at the heated flesh of her rear, opening it as the bulbous head of his cock slipped between her cheeks. She froze, tensed, her heart racing, and every ounce of her focus on what was about to happen.
“Wes, distract her.”
Wes’s hands were on her sides, and he glided them up and down, caressing her flesh as he lifted his hips and slowly started to make love to her. It was enough to remind her of the man beneath her, inside her, and she lifted her head enough to gaze down at him when she opened her eyes.
“Don’t think about it.”
Lena gave Wes a breathless laugh. “Easy for you to say.”
She couldn’t help but think about it. Especially when Axl pushed the well-lubed, latex-covered head of his cock inside her anus. Though he took it slowly, the razor-sharp pain that shot through her as he breached her most sensitive opening, pushed past the tight ring of muscles, and eased deeper inside her drew a cry from deep in her throat. But that pain didn’t last. It almost instantly morphed to a wild, crazy, and bittersweet pleasure that turned her next cry into a moan.
“Fuck!” Wes growled. “I can feel your dick going inside her.”
“So can I.” Axl’s words shook with equal parts amusement and pleasure and kept on pushing until the base of his body met with the swells of her ass. All the way inside her anus now, he stopped and folded himself over her back.
“Are you okay?”
Okay didn’t even begin to describe what she was feeling. Wes had stopped, too, with his cock buried impossibly deep in her pussy. Her body was full, amazingly so, with two enormous cocks and so much electrified pleasure she felt it short-circuiting everything in her system.
She had to gulp before she could answer him. “Better than. Oh God. It feels so good. Move. I need you both to move. Make love to me. Now!”

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