Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sexual Games only $0.99 for a limited time!

Don't miss your chance to get Sexual Games [The Heroes of Silver Springs 8] for only $0.99!

FBI agent Jackson Graham is tired of playing games. He wants Mallory Stone and he’s made his intentions clear. While Mallory is burning hot for a night of passion, she won’t give him her heart, and he won’t settle for less. He’s warned her when his tie comes off, it’s really going to be time to play. He has some new games in mind, and the prize will be more than her delicious, sultry body.
Why can’t no-strings-attached sex be enough for Jackson? Jackson knows Mallory wants him in her bed, but he won’t let it be that easy. He wants her heart. A life spent knowing the consequences of love has put her heart under a lock she simply cannot allow to be broken. But when a case puts her in danger, fears swap sides, emotions run wild, and they find themselves playing a game they both might lose.

5 STARS: "The Heroes of Silver Springs is such an amazing series, and Sexual Games is definitely a fantastic addition. While the characters often span throughout the series, there is enough back-story and history to make it a stand alone read. The chemistry between Mallory and Jackson is top notch, but surprisingly, I found myself even more drawn to the secondary story in Sexual Games, the burgeoning love triangle between firefighter engineer Thaddeus, FBI agent Cameron and DEA agent Adrien. Thaddeus finally meets Cameron, the man who has made his sometimes lover Adrien back off from a commitment to him, and the two find they have much in common, including a mutual attraction. I sure hope Ms. Ramagos gives me their story soon! Those two hot as sin story lines, combined with impeccable writing of danger and intrigue, make Sexual Games an off the charts sexy read! Between the sex scene in the kitchen and Mallory and Jackson’s scorching reactions to each other, this is one book that has the potential to burn up your ereader fast! Sexual Games is another great addition to the Heroes of Silver Springs series, Ms. Ramagos!" -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
5 CUPS: "Mallory is unwilling to admit someone has a hold of her, but Jackson is proving to be a stubborn man. He is looking for forever, when she is looking for right now. A case they are both involved in pushes her beyond her limit, so will she give in to the lust or is it love? Jackson patiently waits for Mallory to realize there is more to them than one night. When Mallory shows up and does the one thing guaranteed to drive him insane, he can do nothing but meet her challenge and play to win. There is another with an eye on Mallory. Before they know it, they are heavily involved in a case of sexual slavery, where Mallory may be next on the auction block. Sexual Games is a haze of mystery wrapped up in the heat of love and lust. I have fallen in love with the secondary characters as much as with Mallory and Jackson. It is a toss-up as to which characters I would like to read about next. I will be going back to the beginning of The Heroes of Silver Springs and catch up with the characters whose story has already been told. I highly recommend Sexual Games and Ms. Ramagos." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

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